Confounded #7 – Meet Kathryn Wright, Queen of the Upside.

News Flash ! – Quinoa isn’t pronounced the way you think or why you think… That’s one of many amazing things I learned from Meeting Kathryn and the most trivial. Listen to this episode as Kathryn tells the story behind her success at Discount Vouchers […]

Confounded #6 – The fizzy episode.

Did you know there were 10,000 varieties of Champagnes in France you have never seen in the UK? Me neither!  Peter and Dan are two of the most interesting people i’ve met – the depth and knowledge they have of the wine is amazing. Add […]


Confounded #4 – WTF is Bitcoin? Mitch Eccles explains.

Need to understand more about Bitcoin? Meet Mitch Eccles, a man with a mission to cut the jargon and help us mere mortals understand it. It’s a headache, even for technical people to understand, Mitch will make this daunting process easy; guiding you and teaching […]

Andrew-King copy

Confounded #3 – The King of Branding.

I interviewed Andrew in 2018 for an older project and found the audio down the back of the sofa so can bring you this great interview for Confounded – yay! Andrew is an expert in building food & beverage businesses. Amongst other experiences he was […]