Imposter syndrome is the secret feeling of being a fraud when you’re not. 

A doubt that you’re good enough, despite a track record of success, and a fear of being found out.

 It affects 70% of professionals at some point in their careers, men and women equally. 

Imposter syndrome creates stress, reduces creativity and productivity. It can lead to burnout and people ending their careers. 

When you resolve imposter syndrome, you finally feel good enough, you feel like you belong, excel and enjoy your success. 

Dr Tara Halliday has been a holistic therapist and coach for 21 years and specialises in resolving imposter syndrome. 

Her book ‘Unmasking’ was an Amazon #1 Bestseller in 2018. 

She runs Inner Success, an 8-week, one-to-one training and coaching programme for C-suite executives to eliminate imposter syndrome for good.

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