Confounded TV is a weekly video/podcast featuring high energy interviews with amazing people.

From successful business leaders and startup founders to experts in their fields including Automotive, PR, Bitcoin, Fashion, Fine Wines and Tech who have overcome life’s challenges to be successful in unique and wonderful ways.

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Right now I’m building a late invoice calculator and growing the UK market for Marketcheck USA Inc 

My other companies Hurricane Works, mScore EV Car Smart and Payment Check – Late Invoice Calculator


We have an amazing line up booked to appear including some of the most successful and interesting people in the UK and Europe. This includes:

Will Bicknell – Founder of social payment revolution Felloh.org
Tom Wood – Founder of Cazana, disrupting Automotive.
Lee Parry – Creator of PPE 4 People – helping get PPE to those who need it.
Mitch Eccles  – Bitcoin wizard (don’t worry he does explain it in a way most of us can understand!).
Peter Crawford and Dan Blatchford – Champagne Experts bringing thousands of beautiful, yet unknown, small vineyard champagnes to your door.