News Flash ! – Quinoa isn’t pronounced the way you think or why you think… That’s one of many amazing things I learned from Meeting Kathryn and the most trivial.

Listen to this episode as Kathryn tells the story behind her success at Discount Vouchers and her amazing new startup Upside Savings , a single app that can save money in your bank account based on what and where you shop while you do nothing!

Since our recording their Seedrs campaign is now live and as of 19/09/2020 is at 87% of target – have a look and find out more at Seedrs as they “Reinvent cashback through Open Banking to build a nation of savers.”

Other subjects covered including maximising your email list open rates and being smart about which providers to use and why, how Honey won the toolbar / extension wars and ways to save while shopping online. 

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