Already a provider of meeting and desking systems to blue chip clients, Gerry has seen huge demand since the Covid pandemic began as clients look for ways to safely manage their office spaces.  Not only that but Gerry has run the Cloudbooking team of over 60 people purely as a remote business for over a decade

The changes that some people are struggling with today, he knows inside out. 

He explains how he gets it to work and the key things he does to help motivate, engage and manage his team.

It’s a long one at over an hour but I’m not apologising, Gerry has more experience in managing remote working, room planning and desk management than anyone else in the UK. 

I guarantee you learn something useful in this podcast……or your money back 😉

Cloudbooking is a workplace space management and utilisation tool that uses live data to analyse how desks and meeting rooms are actually used and helps companies to improve their efficiency and the booking process around them. This service is particularly important in the current pandemic and is helping companies plan the safe return of their staff to the office in a socially distanced and secure way.  

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