Just back in London from Copenhagen, we discuss on how normal life is in Denmark compared to UK and how people need to meet people to build real relationships.

For the last 3 years Mads has been building and championing his platform. A single API where consumer facing businesses and website can allow their visitors and clients can apply to multiple lenders simultaneously. 

A graduate of Copenhagen Business School, Mads honed his knowledge of lending at Zopa and Lendable growing a wide network of contacts and the knowledge and skills need to try and attempt a super complex API for financial lending. 

As a platform and by re-defining the broker model Accepty makes finance fairer for consumers and doesn’t keep the customer details leaving the lenders with the relationship from the beginning.

With over 30 lenders on the platform, his company now counts comparison sites, loan brokers, finance apps, lenders and banks as clients. Accepty is now the leading loans api for search and comparison engines in the UK. 

Mads has retained their independence so there are no vested interests  – this means their service is not favouring higher commissions to the detriment of customers and unlike other providers, they do not compete against our partners and we only succeed when our partners succeed.

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